Services Offered

Investing in massage and reiki

Is an investment in your health



Preventative Care

A therapeutic customized approach based to your specific needs. Whether you're looking to relax, or need that deep muscle focus, massage is beneficial to your self-care routine.


Awaken your Self-Healing Process

Your mind/body has its own self healing process. Bringing you back in balance, back to the root and back to self. Using either hovering hands or light touch, you're restoring your flow of Ki energy, clearing the blockages within enhancing your personal growth and healing.


Reiki Massage

Restore & Balance the Mind/Body

A unique customized therapeutic Reiki and Massage session based to your specific needs.  Having a soothing experience from the energy within melt the layers of your mind, body, and soul leaving you refreshed, and balanced.

CBD Massage

The Healing Rose Co.

We now offer CBD infused Massages! Certified Organic products creating a targeted approach enhancing benefit and relief to aching muscles.


Prenatal Massage

For Mamma Bear and Baby Bear

A nurturing massage only offered during second and third trimesters. Relieving stress, reducing edema, backaches and fatigue. Your doctors approval is recommended.

Innate Energy Massage

31 Green Street, 2nd floor Newburyport, MA


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