​Innate Energy Massage

Prenatal Massage -A therapeutic massage relieving stress and promotes overall
                                wellness during your pregnancy reducing edema, backaches and
                                fatigue.  A nurturing experience only offered during second and
                                third trimesters. Your doctors approval is recommended.

                       60 minutes - $80 / 90 minutes - $110 - STUDIO/MOBILE

-Number of Guests:                -Base Pay:                       -Travel Fee:              -Total:

            10-15                              $350                            $50                        $400

           20-30                              $450                                                         $500

           40+                                 $550+(price may vary)                               $600+(price may vary)

*All events are subject to a downpayment of a quarter amount of the total cost. All event cancelations require a two week notice, if two weeks notice is not given the downpayment will not be refunded.

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

                                                                                                                         Newbury, MA 303 High Rd                                                                                                                      Tuesday & Wednesday: 4:45pm-6pm(last appt time)

                                                                                                                      Thursday-Saturday: 9am-6pm(last appt time) 

                                                                                             Lowell, MA 649 Lawrence St 4th FLOOR

                                                                                                    Wednesday-Saturday: 9am-9pm(last appt time)


                                                                                                                                                              By Appointment Only


Services & Rates

You may schedule your appointment over the phone: (978)223-3430, or via email: innateenergymassage@gmail.com

I also provide my services for Home, Office, Spa, Bridal, and Holiday Events!

Depending on the number of guests + distance traveled price may vary:

Swedish Massage - A therapeutic customized massage blend based on your needs for 


Deep Tissue Massage - A therapeutic massage focusing on the deeper muscles, and
                                         the connective tissues.  Using customized deep pressure
                                         based on the individuals specific needs. 

                     60minutes - $80 / 90minutes - $130 / 2 hours - $180 - STUDIO

                     * 60minutes - $100 / 90minutes - $150 / 2 hours - $200 - MOBILE


Reiki Massage - A unique customized therapeutic Reiki and Massage session based to
                            your specific needs.  Having a soothing experience from the energy
                            within melt the layers of your mind, body, and soul leaving you
                            refreshed, and balanced.

                                                  2hours - $250 - STUDIO/MOBILE

  Reiki - Your mind/body's innate healing resources are stimulated, and balanced
              back to wellness.  Helping to enhance deep relaxation, and restoring your flow
              of Ki energy relieving blockages, and pain within promoting healing and personal growth.
                                                  60minutes - $60 - STUDIO

                                                  60minutes - $80 - MOBILE


SPECIAL Service Add-Ons:

**NEW**CBD Infused Massages!! A targeted approach to the areas of tension creating an enhanced benefit using products from The Healing Rose Company:

*$10.00 (Lavender or Peppermint Spice Salve 25-55mg)

*$20.00 (Lemon Ginger 2x Strength Salve 600mg)

We also sell other CBD products from The Healing Rose Company. CBD creates an enhanced benefit to your aching muscles. All Certified Organic, a Company you can trust.



                               We also offer package Deals! 

Package Deals are offered at our Studio located at my studio(not offered for mobile sessions).  When you buy a package you will then set up your appointments on the spot, or if your schedule varies you may schedule as we go to keep track.  Life is spontaneous, so I will work with you because its important to make time for yourself. 

 1.) Buy 2 Massage or Reiki Sessions and receive your 3rd Session 50% OFF

2.) Buy 5 Massage or Reiki Sessions and receive 20% OFF

​3.) Buy 10 Massage or Reiki Sessions and receive 25% OFF

​*Refer your family and friends and receive $10 in credit towards your next massage. Or save your credit, once you have referred 8 people you can use your credit towards a free session!

(To be eligible the client you refer to me must book and the session must be completed in order to receive credit)